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Dark Horse

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♛ Elsword AS Chess Pieces ♛
•It starts out with Add & Eve. Add asks Eve for a game of chess. The chess is the important part of the story:
•It begins with Elsword seeing Raven & Rena together. (Elsword in this story, likes Rena.) Elsword did not approve, so he went to Chung and asked for a potion that could kill Raven so he could get Rena. Aisha (in love with Elsword) tries to stop him, but he ignored her (this makes him her enemy now.) Aisha follows Elsword to defeat him, but Elesis tries to stop her and then was defeated.
•The story then shows Chung visiting Ara (who's in love with Chung.) He hands her a potion saying it's a gift, she gladly took & drank it. Unfortunately, Chung did not have the same feelings and the potion killed her.
•Elsword hands Raven the potion. Raven fell and Rena saw Elsword as the murderer. Elsword was ashamed to be seen by Rena and ran off. His ally, {EM} Aisha, intervened and defeated Rena.
•The first Aisha came to the castle and defeated {EM} Aisha (who killed her queen.) She then looks for Elsword. When she finds him, she defeats him.
•Sad from her crime, Chung was still alive and defeated Aisha (YES, plot twist!) In the end, Add won since he planned it all out.

Muzyka; Katy Perry - Dark Horse

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